Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Will Elevate Your Gathering

November 1st, 2020

Thanksgiving is almost here and, for many of us, this will be the first real gathering in a while. That means that, whether you are expecting the entire family or a just small group, you can finally go all out in your Thanksgiving decorations. After all, Thanksgiving is all about delighting and inspiring, and though the food might play a big role in that, so does the atmosphere. You want your guests to feel cheerful, and a well-decorated space can convey that feeling of gratitude and peace that is celebrated this time of year. 


You don’t need much to create a charming setting that will make everyone feel at home. These floral centerpiece ideas are a great way to get started and will bring a load of cheer to your Thanksgiving night. 

Harvest Hues Cornucopia

The cornucopia has been a symbol of nourishment and prosperity since ancient Greece, known in Greek mythology as the “horn of plenty” that fed the god Zeus as a child.


During the Middle Ages, European farmers held harvest celebrations in which they filled a goat horn with fruit and grain to express their appreciation for the year’s abundance. The custom arrived in North America and originated the tradition of setting a cornucopia as a centerpiece on Thanksgiving. But its meaning is still the same: a commemoration of the abundance of health, life, and love around us. 


This year, decorate your table with a cornucopia overfilled with fall flowers in vivid, cheerful hues to liven up the mood, like the Bountiful Harvest Cornucopia.


Harvest Hues Cornucopia

Harvest Hues Centerpiece

There’s something special about a Thanksgiving decoration that appeals to the senses. When thought through, the choice of colors, textures, and smells can all harmonize to bring an enhanced sense of warmth and liveliness to the festive atmosphere. 


Look for arrangements or decor pieces with textured, aromatic, and colorful details that evoke that multi-sensory appeal. The Harvest Hues Centerpiece, for example, combines those aspects into a lively set that is also the perfect size for the dinner table - big enough to make a statement, but not so much to take up all the space. 


Our long and low centerpiece will fit perfectly on the Thanksgiving table and still leave room for plates and food. Dark wood container holds the bright colorful fall flowers 16"Hx24"W



Create your own 

The best way to never go wrong with your Thanksgiving floral decoration is by creating your own arrangements. You can get creative with this year’s fall trends and make your arrangement personal  - creating something that is unique to your home. 

You can also go above and beyond by incorporating extra decorations, such as small pumpkins and pinecones, garland-style.



Explore more ideas for your custom-made centerpiece here, and give us a call to get started on your own creation. 


There’s a lot to be thankful for, regardless of the year’s highs and lows. Decorating your home with floral centerpieces that embody life, color, and cheerfulness is a way to surround yourself and your guests with that feeling of gratitude. And it’s sure to make everyone smile.